November 25th, 2020

What keeps me grounded?

Taking the time to go outside for a walk in the woods and notice the simple things keeps me grounded. Whether it is something I see or feel, I take it in and take time to be aware of it.

Yesterday, I watched a maple leaf fall from a tree. I am not sure why it caught my attention, whether it was the colors (red/orange/yellow) or its journey. This leaf was rather large and I was able to watch it spin counterclockwise all the way to the ground and land stem first. It made a distinct sound when it landed.

At that moment, I felt this dance of nature was meant solely for me to notice.

Musing on this helped me see beauty and simplicity, a nice contrast to the chaos of our current world. This gave me a calming sense of peace and tranquility to carry through the rest of the day.

Tags: Nature

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Comments (1)

Comments (1)

Hi Sandy:

Thanks for joining our conversation and posting about your experience.

I'm curious: Was that a new experience for you? Or do you normally stop and watch the leaves fall?

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