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January 3rd, 2021

Welcome 2021

What sustains me? My team?
- I am a nursing director of a 60 bed med surg unit; currently we have about 20 COVID patients.
- We developed a Kudos Program that allows staff to thank each other ... RN to RN ... CNA to RN .. or RN to CNA; a small card with a message is filled out To: "X" for "XX" , From: "X"; it's put in the Directors mailbox, presented at huddle with a small token of appreciation (donated items such as fabric masks and chocolate). A record of Kudos received are kept for staff evaluations. This program has contributed to an environment of teamwork on the unit.
- Flexible and sufficient staffing (both RN and CNA) is the most important ingredient for sustainability and preventing burnout; followed by onboarding the right clinicians.
How to empower/amplify well being and resilience?
- Support your professional associations. Example, Maryland Nurses Association is working on a Peace Order bill for this upcoming session; this bill, if passed, provides an avenue to help nurses in the workplace who are victims of violence.
What do other do to Inspire?
- Suggest reading the National Academy of Medicine's work on "Taking Action Against Clinician Burnout: a systems Approach to Professional Well Being". This body of work gets to contributors of Moral Distress. I believe all health system executives would benefit from reading this report. I was inspired by this report.

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Comments (2)

Comments (2)

What a great team! The kudos initiative seems awesome with so much going on emotionally! A sign of appreciation makes a difference!
Thank for the reading recommendation!

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Hi Joanne:

Thanks for joining us. I love that Kudos Program. What a great idea! Do you plan to continue it after Covid?

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