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December 1st, 2020

The Art of Self-Care

According to Ray & Turkel (2004), in order for nurses to achieve compassionate caring, one must realize the value of self-care. One cannot fully care for another without knowing how to care for one’s self. How can we practice self-care? I have come to a realization that I have to turn myself off when I am not a work. I need to focus on what is in front of me and leave (not worry) what is behind me. I also practice gratitude which helps me foster resiliency at work. I do gratitude in the morning, while at work, and before I go to bed. Just thinking of what I am grateful for helps to keep me grounded. Lastly, a person who knows their own personal values will have the resiliency to face adversity (Brown, 2012). Aligning our intentions, behaviors and words to our values will give us the guidance during arduous times. Examining my values, I have focused on humility and courage. It is with courage and humility that I realize that I can only change myself and that in the line work that I do, change is inevitable. As a nurse, I know that I must comply with change and have the self-awareness and self-love to know that change takes time, practice and patience.

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Ray, M.A. & Turkel, M.C. (2004). Creating a caring practice environment through self-renewal.
Nursing Administration Quarterly, 28(4), 249-253.

Tags: Mindfulness, Self-care, Values

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Comments (2)

Comments (2)

Hi Michelle:

Thanks for joining our conversation. I love your approach!

Have you ever found a disconnect between your values and the expectations of your job and bosses? If so, how did you handle it?

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I am fortunate enough to work for a nurse manager (and an institution) that recognizes the value of self-care. My unit is one of the first units to implement a serenity room for our nurses (all staff) to take respite during their 12hour shifts.

If I am faced with a situation that is extraneous with my values, I first look at the big picture and where this other person is coming from, while keeping in mind that we all came from different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. By understanding another person's perspectives I can bridge that gap without compromising my own values.