March 24th, 2021

Student's Perspective

This time last year when the Pandemic started, I had the opportunity of leading 150 Sailors, Officers, and civilian healthcare workers in the Emergency Department of one of the Navy’s only trauma center’s. What worked for our teams was EVERYONE FELT HEARD, constant FEEDBACK WAS GIVEN/TAKEN, and there was a BALANCE as the tasks/assignments stacked up, every member of the team knew each other well enough to know when we had to lighten up or could press on. This worked in ensuring there were no cracks in our resiliency as individuals or as cohesive team on the floor that would compromise patient care or the mission. This constant closed loop communication among all levels of leadership and individuals is something I feel needs to be emulated in the school setting as well, especially during these unique Pandemic settings.

As for nursing school itself, I wish professors/instructors would incorporate these methods of communication as best they can in a virtual setting so that students are getting the most out of each clinical/didactic experience possible. Instead, I feel as though our opinions fall on deaf ears at times regarding what is working, what is not, and what we expect or need to succeed as students and eventual practicing Nurses. We should never stop challenging the status quo, regardless of if it is being conducted in a virtual setting or clinical practice. Our voices as students need to be heard so that future generations, should they be faced with situations like these know that they are getting the best education possible to set them up successfully.

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