March 23rd, 2021

Student Nurse

Before entering nursing school, I worked as a case manager for individuals with disabilities. The pandemic was especially hard for those I supported. With the quick, and at times hectic, transition from house visits to video call visits, I learned a lot about resilience. Feeling completely wiped out at the end of a workday was not normal for me before the pandemic. I learned that I could not pour from an empty cup. If I am unable to do things for myself to ensure my well-being, I cannot give my all to others. I learned when and how to give myself a break. I learned I need to stop allocating precious time to things that were mindless for me. I picked up old hobbies that I had set aside over the years. I started journaling as this was a way for me to capture exactly how I felt in that moment, without the addition of time passing that may change my perception of an experience. Journaling is an important practice for me as it allows me to validate and reconcile with my emotions and experiences. I believe this self-care practice will follow me through my nursing career. Above all, the most important skill I learned is to take care of myself to ensure I can care for others.

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Comments (1)

Hi Kelly:

Thanks for joining our conversation. I'm so glad you found a way to take care of yourself! Is there anything the school or your instructors did or could have done to help you in that challenging time?

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