November 30th, 2020

Resiliency Looks Different

I imagine that resiliency in nursing looks different for each of us and look forward to reading other posts on this topic.

How I manage stress? Running and prayer. I also keep to a schedule which helps me keep stress and what I have to accomplish each day to a manageable level. Using a perspective of gratitude in all things is helpful for me too.

How do I meet challenges I face everyday? I begin with prayer. I am also quick to reach out for help and ask questions.

Tags: Exercise, Managing stress, Nursing colleagues

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Comments (2)

Comments (2)

Hi Nicole:

Thanks for joining our conversation.

Tell us more about how your schedule helps you manage stress. Was it something you were doing pre-pandemic? Or did you develop that more recently?

Do you have advice you could offer to others about how to create a schedule that helps them manage stress?

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Scheduling (like to do lists) is something I have always done and is not new since the pandemic.

I have a paper calendar that I heavily rely on to keep myself on task. It has family, personal and work related tasks that I need to complete. It definitely keeps me straight. I have tried electronic calendars and have never been as happy with them as I am with my old school paper calendar.