March 20th, 2021

Resiliency in Nursing School

The first year of nursing school being online has been nothing short of feeling almost impossible at times to stay afloat. However, the largest thing that has helped me to get through this and remain resilient would be genuinely taking care of myself. As a student, it can feel impossible to step away from the neverending amount of information we always have on our plates. But, as I experienced, burnout as a student is extremely real. If you are not taking care of yourself, this burnout will make schoolwork practically impossible. This very well leads to the stereotype of nurses being able to take care of everyone but themselves. Establishing your own self-care and how to take breaks, manage your time, and always give yourself some "you time" is critical now, and will be as I continue on to the professional field of nursing. This will help me in the future as it will prevent further burnout in my profession, and this practice of self-care and self-love has gotten me through the pandemic and fostered resiliency.

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Comments (1)

Hi Margaret:

Thanks for joining the conversation. Did your teachers talk about the challenges and offer ideas for coping? Is there anything more they could have done to help you learn self-care?

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