March 3rd, 2021

Resiliency as a Student

Where to start! This is my second career and I was so looking forward to being in class and meeting a new set of people to call friends in my life. Sadly that only lasted a few months before we changed to pandemic normal. But I will say that the set of friends I made in those few precious weeks have helped me be resilient during this time. I also have had a great family support system from my husband, parents, and children. All four kids have had to make sacrifices to my nursing school time and they have all been resilient in their own lives. I think having this solid foundation to fall back on has helped me as well. Lastly, I just try to take things day by day and solve the problems I can as they come to me. Do prioritization in tasks is probably the most valuable skill I have honed since the pandemic started.

Tags: Family support, Resilient

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Comments (1)

Hi Jennifer:

Thanks for joining our conversation. You're a mom of four and a nursing students, so you obviously know a lot about resilience! Since our goal here is to think about how to teach that skill to others, tell us how you learned yourself and how you model resilience for your kids.

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