March 17th, 2021

Resilience through the Wreckage

As a nursing student, I am still figuring out strategies to get me through the pandemic. I found myself struggling this year, struggling with mental health, struggling with school, struggling with who I am. I have spent my whole life helping others, giving my time and energy and love to everyone, and that sustained me all the way up to this point. The lockdown opened my eyes to just how much that was sustaining me, as I was barred from being able to do that on a daily basis. And I found that without that aspect in my life, I could not sustain myself. As troubling as this has been, it has allowed me to realize I need to work on this because the way I have struggled this past year would not make for the best nurse I can be. I have gained skills in self-expression, self-love, sacrifice, persistence, and honor that I will graciously apply to my nursing skills. The most valuable skill I have learned and practiced is to remain nonjudgmental, uncritical, and kind in all interactions. This year has proved once again that there are many issues and opinions and challenges present in our world. We struggle to care for other people just because we should. One thing I want to be able to do more than anything is to help others see why that matters. I never want this goal to be overshadowed and burdening to the point where I lose the ability to be kind. I have never strived for anything as much as I have to be open, receptive and kind. I'd like that to lead me through issues such as the pandemic, my personal life, and my entire nursing career. If we let ourselves be hardened, our progress towards love and liberation will be further challenging. That's something I just cannot lose hope on. And for that, I am more resilient than ever.

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Comments (1)

Hi Tonya:

It sounds like you have found a healthy way to handle the stress of the pandemic. Did you get any help or support from your nursing instructors or the school? Is there something more they could have done -- formally or informally?

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