March 6th, 2021

Resilience in Nursing School

Nursing school is notorious for being challenging and time consuming.. theres always more studying that could be done! When I realized my classes would be online for the foreseeable future I was filled with uncertainty. Although it could've been easy to just say I couldn't do it, I had to realize every nursing student was going through the same thing, and it isn't impossible! There will always be new things that come up and seem impossible in school, work, and life in general, but it is important to realize that hard things are not impossible when you set your mind to it and are resilient. Resiliency is necessary, and I think we are all capable of being resilient even when we are filled with doubt. With school online, I've been able to remain resilient by discussing the difficulties of online school with my classmates and realizing we are in it together, and I think this will translate to working as a nurse and leaning on my coworkers to get through difficult days together and be the best that we can.

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Comments (1)

Hi Danielle:

Thanks for joining our conversation and sharing your story. Do you think it would be helpful if there was some type of formal nursing education focused on resilience? What would be helpful to you?

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