March 10th, 2021

Resilience in Nursing School

Adapting to the new changes and having a positive attitude has allowed me to manage school during the pandemic and be resilient. With my first semester of nursing school, I was already unsure of what to expect, but with the pandemic it only worsened my worry. Our generation has not lived a pandemic and it was a new thing for everyone. Apart from the pandemic, this is seen in the nursing profession either way. One must be able to manage unexpected situations professionally and efficiently. My biggest concern for online nursing school was having to teach myself most of the topics. However, my school supports my resilience by being providing us with several resources to help our learning. They have taken a lot of our feedback from first semester and applied it. They have given us office hours, lectures, textbooks, online quizzes for practice, and more. This pandemic has made communication difficult with colleagues and other nursing students. I think that if we were in person, we would be able to talk more and form relationships, even outside of school. However, it is important to check up on each other and use available resources whenever possible such as group chats or zoom study groups.

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Comments (1)

Hi Emily:

Thanks for joining our conversation. Have you discussed resiliency in school? What did you learn? What do you learn from your fellow students about resiliency?

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