March 10th, 2021

Resilience as a Nursing Student

Some strategies I use to stay resilient as a nursing student include taking frequent breaks and remaining hopeful and optimistic for the future. As a nursing student, it is very difficult to find a balance between school and rest, however I try to incorporate it into every day to avoid getting too burnt out by the end of the week. It is a constant struggle especially as the material we learn gets more complex. However as long as I take at least one break each day, whether it's to go for a walk or to just listen to music for a bit, I feel like that's an accomplishment for me. In terms of how this will help me in the future, I believe that in order to take care of others you must help yourself first. If you are not caring for your own well-being, it makes it more difficult for you to care for others and can potentially put both yourself and the patients at risk for more harm.

The monotony of online school can be exhausting and can seem like it's never ending, however I feel that it's important to stay hopeful for the sake of both my own future as a nurse as well as the future of the country in terms of the pandemic. Without hope, you can lose motivation to change and get better, which can leave you stagnant and stuck in one place. On the other hand, when you have hope you can have the drive to change things and to keep moving forward in life. I feel that this optimism and hoping the best for others is what motivates my studies now and what will motivate my practice in the future as a nurse.

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Comments (1)

Hi Jordan:

Thanks for joining our conversation and sharing your experience. Is that an approach you have always taken -- to make sure you take breaks and stay optimistic -- or did you develop that as a way to cope with the pandemic? Was there anything more the school or your professors could have done to help you?

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