March 16th, 2021

Resilience as a New Nurse

As a new nurse, there are some shifts that are more challenging, more stressful, more emotional, more physical...just MORE, than others. A lesson is learned with each new experience, but you can also feel deflated, tired, stupid, and imposter syndrome can take away any confidence you had in your blossoming nursing abilities. Having a good team can help to make a perilous situation seem like a puddle instead of a tsunami. Being able to turn to someone with more experience, explain the situation, express your frustration and have them understand, share their own beginnings as a nurse, helps to validate your feelings and reassure you that one day you too will feel like a “real” nurse.

Tags: A great team, Communication, Listening, Nursing colleagues, Speak up

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Comments (1)

Hi Danielle:

Thanks for joining our conversation. What, if anything, did you learn in nursing school that has helped you be more resilient as a new nurse? What would you like to see nursing schools do or teach to better prepare new nurses for the challenges they'll face?

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