March 16th, 2021


I have learned to take a deep breath when I am feeling overwhelmed. I have allowed myself to understand that I am one person doing my best and may not always be able to get my to do list done by the time assigned.
The unit I work on has been amazing. My co-workers are always offering to help when and if needed and I used to want to be superman and get it done on my own. I have realized that isn't always the best for me or the patients. Accepting help from your co-workers and offering help when you see that they need it is a huge help and really brings your team together.
Dont forget to talk to your loved ones either. It has helped me so much to vent about the days that were rough, share what scares or worries me some about being a new nurse as well as sharing a success I had or a positive outcome because of an intervention I initiated or caught.
This is a field where everyday something different will come up and you have to always be willing to learn and be flexible.

Tags: Communication, Mindfulness, Self-care

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Comments (1)

Hi Jessica:

Thanks for joining our conversation. What did you learn about teamwork during your nursing education? Is there something more nursing schools could or should be doing to help new nurses be better prepared for the challenges of their career?

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