March 3rd, 2021


I have explored many different strategies to practice resilience during this pandemic. Yoga, meditation, embroidery, fostering kittens and taking daily walks have all been effective at different points in this program/during this pandemic. I do not think I would have explored these strategies without the presence of a pandemic, and I am grateful I have them now. The first couple of years of nursing are challenging as we try to get our footing, and they tend to be very stressful times. I believe I am more prepared for this phase of my life given my experience in this pandemic. The most valuable skills I have learned are in the clinical setting, where my practical and soft skills are put to the test. I can practice inserting an IV on a pillow all day and night, but if I do not practice self-care and compassion, I will not be able to satisfy my holistic role as a nurse.

Tags: Mindfulness, Self-care

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Comments (1)

Hi Hannah:

Thanks for joining our conversation. Are there ways nursing school/nursing educators helped you along that journey? Or ways they could have helped you? (And, just to be clear, I think kittens and puppies can solve all kinds of problems!)

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