December 2nd, 2020


What keeps me grounded is the practice of reflection. For me, reflection is a tool that encompasses sharing my own experiences and listening to life experiences of others including my colleagues, my patients, my family and friends.

To me, every life experience is valuable and it gives me a context to appreciate the strength and resilience I endure everyday as well as the challenges and vulnerabilities we experience as humans.

I tear up, laugh out loud, walk, spend time on things I enjoy doing such as visit the home decoration section in my favorite stores, and tend to my indoor plants which I call pets.

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Comments (2)

Comments (2)

Hi Haimanot:

Thanks for joining our conversation. Tell us more about your practice of reflection. How do you do it? Do you find time for that in the work day? Is it something that could be "taught" to others?

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Thank you Cindy for your feedback and good question. I have also thought about whether this is something that can be taught or developed in some sort of training if you like. The reflection I shared in this forum is something that I do as I go about doing my work and interact with others randomly . As our nursing training in communication and psychology and years of experience tells us each encounter with your patient presents you an opportunity on whether or not you use the information being communicated into something purposeful through techniques such as active listening, empathy, being present, guided interview etc. . This applies to friends , family members and others also . So for me I look for those opportunities as they present and use it as entry points to discuss the matters important to them or in their mind at that time. It could be something like a patient telling you " I had a bad day today". You need to be prepared to develop and expound on that. The good thing is that we already have the training on this or I even dare to say have the natural instinct to conduct such communication in a safe trustful kind of way. Hope this address your question.