March 9th, 2021

Overcoming Obstacles of First Year Online Nursing School

My online nursing experience has been very interesting to say the least. I think first year nursing school is probably one of the most challenging obstacles that many of us have had to overcome (academic wise). Online learning is bit tough because we do not have many opportunities to interact with other students and clinical instructors. It also feels like nursing school is mainly self taught so that makes it difficult to apply it to real life situations and clinical scenarios.

The good thing is our clinical instructor does a great job with explaining things that we need a better clarification on. The best part of being in second semester is being able to gain hands on experience with patients and working with nurses who are doing this every day. Working with patients in the hospital setting is very rewarding because we get to assist other nurses with providing exceptional care to patients and learn a lot about that is means to be a nurse. We have gained better insight on the duties and responsibilities of the nursing profession and we have sharpened our interpersonal communication and confidence with our face to face interactions. Overall, I feel that we are really blessed to be assigned to our unit at UMMC.

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Comments (1)

Hi Cornelia:

Thanks for joining our conversation and sharing your experience. I can only imagine how tough online learning must be!

Can you tell us more about what you've learned from the nurses you're working with now? Have you observed the nurses being resilient on the job? If so, what did you take away that might help you when you're a new nurse?

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