December 9th, 2020

One foot in front of the other

Exercise has always been my method for reducing stress, letting go, and clearing my mind. However, when the rush of activity started in March and the workload felt overwhelming, I wasn't finding the time for exercise. I fell into bed exhausted mentally and physically, but turning off my mind was the most challenging step. I turned to meditations at night to help me fall asleep. After a few weeks, I understood that sleep was what my body needed most. Eventually, I was able to get back to exercising, but I found the exercise I previously engaged in was too much. Too hard on my aching joints, too draining mentally. I started walking. Simply putting one foot in front of the other. No music to distract me. No goal for distance or time. I just walked and focused on my ability to breathe. It became my meditation and I have found that walking with a friend is even more therapeutic. I try to schedule walks with my friends a few times a week even if it is only for 15 or 20 minutes. Now, when I find myself struggling, I just get up and walk.

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Comments (1)

Hi Stacy:

Thanks for joining our conversation. Walking is my therapy, too!

What difference has it made in your workday now that you have found a way to nourish yourself? Has it helped with the workday strains?

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