March 10th, 2021

Nursing Student Resilience Response

Strategies that helped me through the pandemic were focusing on bettering things I have control over, practicing meaningful family communication, and sticking to a routine. Sticking to a routine is comforting to the brain and helps you not to overlook details in patient care. Practicing meaningful communication with your nursing team imparts knowledge and support. Moving forward in to the nursing role, I think focusing on improving those things under your control in particular is a valuable practice because there will be variables that are not under your control in the healthcare setting. The important thing to focus on in these instances are all the things that are under your influence and the difference you can make in those areas.

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Comments (1)

Hi Jordan:

Thanks for joining our conversation. How did you develop that approach to resilience? Have you always done things that way, or did you learn it in nursing school? Is there more your instructors or the school could be doing to help you be more resilient?

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