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December 2nd, 2020

My Thoughts on Resilience.

1. I'm new to being a bedside nurse. What is working for me is being able to ask for help even though I'm off orientation. The fact that these nurses have been doing this for years and still showing so much care for their new nurses makes me eager to do the same when I'm in their shoes.

2. I know I'm going to be there for 12.5 hours regardless of how the day goes. That is how I remind myself that I must remain present throughout the shift and let it go once I'm home. Regardless of how the day went, I know I did my best.

3. At the same time, I am fortunate to have a caring partner at home who is also a nurse. We are able to share our experiences with each other as a way to destress. This is extremely valuable and I think it has strengthened our relationship.

4. I'll wrap up and say that I am able to stay true to my values by knowing reminding myself that you do things to help the patient get better. Sometimes they may not agree but ultimately you're there for them. It's okay to not feel as though each of your patients is a family member. It's also okay to feel disengaged but be mature enough to recognize when you are.

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Comments (1)

Hi Navpreet:

Thanks for sharing your experience. Is it difficult to ask for the help you need during a shift? Everyone is so pressed to do more, is it a challenge to find the time to ask or find someone with the time to help?

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