March 10th, 2021

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I am resilient because I am always adapting to the challenges and changes during this pandemic. This specifically applies to school, where I am usually unsure when work will be posted for me to complete, so it is very hard to budget my time accordingly. I have learned to roll with the punches and not let the little inconveniences bother me. My school supports my resilience by giving many opportunities for learning, in the form of many different resources. These include lecture, the textbook, learning labs, and office hours. It is nice to have a variety of sources for information so that if one is late I can look at the other one. I believe that my fellow students could be more resilient through communication. I believe that in this pandemic, connectedness and communication is more important then ever. It is very difficult to make friends in an online setting, but it is important to reach out to one another and be supportive.

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Comments (1)

Hi Shane:

Thanks for joining our conversation. Do you think your school or your instructors could be doing more to help you learn to be more resilient? If so, what?

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