December 5th, 2020

My Faith keeps me

First let me say that I love being a nurse. I have been a nurse a for 12 years now, with the last 6 years being in the ICU.

The last 7 months have been crazy, I have never seen so much burnout in my nursing career. Covid-19 has changed the way we practice for sure. I allowed my stress and anxiety levels to max out in the beginning, but then I had to have a little talk with Jesus to help me relax -- well more than one talk. From then on, my faith has kept me grounded in knowing that God would keep me no matter what I am faced with. My patients need me; their family members aren't able to be here so it's my job to do whatever it takes to comfort them.

I also know that I am not in this fight alone. I work with a awesome group of nurses. We support each other and check on one another. I have been involved with Mepra the last 2-3 years and it has helped me a lot. When I feel my stress levels increasing during my shift, I take a min to take a deep breath, pause, and reset.

I am on the frontline, and I am proud to be here until we win.

Tags: Mindfulness

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Comments (2)

Comments (2)

Hi Tenia:

Thanks for joining our conversation. Can you tell us more about how you and your team support one another?

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Hello Cindy!

We are pretty good as a unit about texting one another and also by trying to spark conversations that aren't work related. Doing this helps the person know that you care about. We have a awesome group of charge's so when they notice that someone is having hard day, they will support them in every way possible. Since its the Holiday season, my unit has a Secret Santa gift exchange to have some fun.