December 18th, 2020

Meaningful Recognition

As the VP for Nursing at The DAISY Foundation and as a faculty member teaching new nursing students on what nursing is as a profession, my work sustains me. Each day I am privy to all of the great, compassionate work that nurses do each day to support patients and their families.

When I am teaching, I am inspired by the passion that my students have for becoming a nurse---and it is with some jealousy that I often find myself wishing that I could push the 'do over' button and start my career again. Hearing the stories of care, no matter the perspective...from clinician, academic or student energizes my soul....And when I hear that I may have made an impact, it pushes me onward to continue to contribute and uncover the 'why' of what is nursing.

Even more importantly, when I can mentor or encourage another, I feel a strong synergistic connection that empowers both the giver and the receiver of this positive engagement. I was fortunate to have some great role models who encouraged me...and it is those memories of what they taught me and what they expected of me, that inspires and drives the work that I do.

We need to call out the best in each other and feed it back so that as nurses we know and can share that we do make a very positive difference in the lives of others.

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Comments (1)

Hi Cynthia:

Thanks for joining our conversation. How has your approach to teaching changed in this challenging year?

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