March 23rd, 2021

Learning Resilience

As an educator and very experienced nurse, resilience is a term that has no 'stickiness' to the consumer until they have a need for it. Students don't know what they don't know...they only know their perception of what they think nursing practice is like. These inputs come from the news, from their experiences as a patient or perhaps as an NA while in school. The perceptions may come from other's who influence them. The point is, that as adult learners, they will learn the need for resilience when they are ready and have a need to know the information. As an educator, sharing stories of real nurses, having discussions on their observations and engaging them in the discussion will help them to project and perhaps realize the need to prepare for their own future. Teaching them what resilience means and why it is needed is the first step followed by the practical tools they will need. Helping them to identify life experiences that they have had, requiring a boost of 'resilience' to get to the next day, will help them to identify with the need and realize the importance. Using Adult Learning theory and allowing them to 'experience', even virtually, the types of stress and trauma that they will encounter may help them to assimilate the practices needed to fuel their resilience in the future.

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Comments (1)

Hi Cynthia:

Thanks for joining our conversation and sharing your experience. As a teacher, how do you recognize when a student is ready to learn those skills? How do you present those lessons -- individually? to the group?

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