December 23rd, 2020

Leaning In

The team I work with and watching them grow inspires me to keep going. Seeing growth and mentorship successes help sustain me and give me the energy to face the next challenge myself. I especially like to hear about examples of how we face difficult situations head on to advocate for patient care. Hearing my team talk about how we got ahead of a problem, averted crisis by being proactive and really advocating for a patient or family make all the hard work worthwhile.

A recent example involved a very difficult patient care issues in one of our pediatric areas. The management team really leaned in to the situation to allow visitation by a parent who was by all accounts a bit of a challenge to work with; staff had reported concerns related to a parent's behavior and really felt the parent hindered, not helped, their child's care and possibly posed a threat to staff. The manager/ANM addressed the staff concerns immediately and engaged in crucial conversations with the family, really assessed the situation thoughtfully balancing both the family's story and where they were coming from with some of the staff's concerns. Setting mutual goals and expectations for behavior with the family really helped the situation. Having open dialogue with the staff to assist them in seeing the big picture and differentiating a true threat from poor communication went a long way in their growth as well.

Although 'leaning in' to problem situations is not the most intuitive action to take, but it is the courageous thing to do and I think an obligation as a nurse leader. Watching the managers set that example with staff was wonderful to see.

Tags: Communication, Courage

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Comments (1)

Hi Monika:

Thanks for joining our conversation. wouldn't it be great if everyone was blessed with a management like that? I wonder how we get there.

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