December 12th, 2020

Lean on a Solid Foundation

Ones resiliency depends on who or what she's leaning on that made her strong.At any point in our lives, pandemic or not, life will definitely brought us to toughest times.And its our way of coping that would define our resiliency.

2019 when me and my husband first step our feet in the soil of United States, leaving my 2 year old daughter back home in the care of my parents. With the assurance that after a year when we are already settled, we'll take her with us, and we can start our lives together here in US. But it didn't happen because of this Pandemic. I was a bit frustrated. But I know Its part of Gods plan. He knows whats best for me.

Now,she's almost 4 years old and she's starting to ask questions.She asked me onetime, "Mama,when I can go there with you?" "Why you left me?".These are the questions that hurts me in so many ways that I tried to find words to answer her in a way that she can understand. As much as I wanted to take her now, given this situation, I leave it to Gods will.

We are still adjusting to the culture, environment and work, when this Covid Pandemic happened.Starting our lives here in Maryland by ourselves, was a struggle. Struggle in a way that everything is new for us. The way of life here is far different than what we are accustomed to.

As a nurse, a mother and an individual starting a life here in the US. I draw my strength from my family, friends and most Gods promises. I worked in a unit where there's a lot of Filipinos, they played a big role to keep me going. As they know and understand what Im going through. I still remember when I was just starting my orientation, I was at work then, when a fellow Filipino staff came in our unit and she happened to passby on my work area. We exchanged conversations and when she asked me about my daughter..I can't help but cry to her, because on that day, my daughter was admitted in the hospital, and her I am struggling with a lot of things. Im a strong person, but these are my weakest moments.And her comforting and kind words make things bearable for me that day..

I work in a very supportive Unit where everyone works as a team. And a friendly hospital atmosphere where during this pandemic they made sure that staffs are well taken cared and protected. It boost my morale in working with Covid patients knowing that there are people who are willing to help and support you.

Growing up, I was taught by my parents that in life, its not always bed of roses. You must go through hardships, and with those tough times in your lives, that you will find your strength.Just be optimistic " Behind the clouds, the sun is still shining." My parents would say, its just normal, deal with it. And soon it will pass.And I believe them, for I witness how they've been through a lot of tough times in life and they able to overcome it. Their experiences are my life's lessons and inspiration.

And most, I hold on to Gods promises, He never fails as long as we believe. This Pandemic is beyond my control, I tried not to overwhelm myself with all the news for it will just drag me down.Let the experts do their thing, they are trained for it, and no one can do better than them. I'll just do my role as a nurse, and thats to take good care of my patients to the best that I can. History would remind us that Pandemic doesn't lasts, and soon the world will recover, we just have to learn to be optimistic and lift each other up. Gods faithfulness in my life never fails and in due time He will make things beautiful for me, my family and the world.

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Comments (1)

Hi Pid:

Thanks for sharing your story. I hope you are reunited with your daughter soon!

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