January 9th, 2021

Lara S.

what has been sustaining for me personally? oddly, seeing growth, in my team. not with all of them all of the time. but trying to frame this event in a historical context for them and naming the qualities that they are developing through this that will serve them in the future. working on supporting them and naming experiences and qualities that will see them through to the other side has been my mission and objective from the start.
what is most nourishing is the deepening of relationships. hearing a nurse tell you about holding a patients hand while speaking quietly and comfortingly to them in their native language at the cusp of intubation builds unique shared bonds. seeing this dedication to compassion, that i know is not an endless well, has been unlike anything i have ever experienced.
empowerment? hold space for each other and honor the experience. recognize that this is a journey that will change those who have been on that front line forever - work with them to understand that they can choose to let these experiences mold a new and possibly previously unseen or unanticipated future.
inspiration from me has come from people continuing to show up for each other - holding on to each other when there are tears and making each other laugh in hard times.

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