March 24th, 2021

It Takes a Village - Nursing School

Since the beginning of the pandemic that has now fallen to over a year ago, it has taken some time to successfully adapt to the challenges faced between both students & faculty. I will first & foremost say although I may not be in the classroom with my fellow students the communication between my cohort never ended.

Whether we needed to vent, study in groups, or just talk about our week there was always someone willing to lend an ear for some time. Challenges in communication between the University & Students have occurred; understandable given the circumstances. However, when something wasn't communicated by the school I could assure that I would receive a message from someone in my cohort giving me the heads up from something they had seen or heard prior.

This has truly taught my cohort & me how to work as a team, as it truly does take a village to get through nursing school. I feel that this will greatly benefit all of us as we transition to our professional careers.

Additionally, this pandemic has taught me a very invaluable skill. That skill is self-care, something that was fairly hard to focus on while in-person, and something that should perhaps be challenged when we return to in-person classes. I found being able to go for walks, take class on-the-go while hiking, or do some light meditation before an exam to be extremely helpful to my well-being as well as to my academic success.

So while we students may be seen as lacking skills; with discussions on floors involving what to do with "COVID Nurses", we in fact bring a different viewpoint to the table, & rather than being insufficient we instead can lead initiatives in regards to resiliency through teamwork & self-mindfulness. I believe that this new viewpoint will help us both excel in our clinical practices as well as in the way we care for our patients.

Best wishes to all,

Nicholas Girard, Student Nurse

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Comments (1)

Hi Nicholas:

Thanks for joining our conversation and sharing your experience. I'm glad to see that you are your fellow students found ways to support one another. Is there anything more the school or your instructors could have done to help get you through the pandemic? What would like to see them change next semester based on your experience?

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