March 8th, 2021

from sutdent to nurse to nurse educator

As a nursing student I was taught all the basic of nursing care. As a nurse, I was taught to refine my nursing care skills. As a nurse educator, I teach resiliency in nursing.
On my journey, I leared that we as nurses, need a community to share our experiences and stories with. We need one another in order to be resililent and remain not only at the bedside, but in nursing. This is how we learn and grow in our profession and as people.
The largest gap that existed for me was not knowing or realizing the importance of an outlet to discuss what I had witnessed as a nurse. Many things are not appropriate for dinner discussion with the family. I had a meltdown at dinner one evening with my children present. This is when I had the "aha" moment.
I have researched this topic for years now and hopefully helped the nurses I have mentored, and the students I have had the pleasure of teaching. Resiliecny comes in many and different forms for each of us. The imporant lesson is to explore these opprotunities and find what works for you.
I religiously meditate, do yoga, and go on daily walks. I also make time in my daily life for my family and loved ones. It is a constant balancing act, and must be approached delicatley and with fervor. Despite all my efforts, I too have been gravely affected by the pandemic. May we all find our own peace and comfort in one another.

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Comments (1)

Hi Jennie:

Thanks for joining our conversation and sharing your experience.

I'd love to have a deeper dive into how you help students be more resilient. As you've done that over the years, how has your approach changed? What surprises you about your students' reactions to lessons about the need for resiliency?

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