March 24th, 2021

Family Support and venting

More than anything, support from my family has helped me the most. As a 1st semester nursing student who happened to experience some non-Covid related health problems about 6 months ago, having a supportive family to help me get through those surgeries and get through my pre-nursing education saved me. I think it is easy for some individuals to focus mainly on how Covid-19 has made their life inconvenient. However, some individuals have lost family members and friends, and some individuals with chronic conditions or emergent accidents have experienced more difficulty accessing care now due to overcrowded ICUs filled with Covid patients. I am sure that there are even situations that Covid has impacted that I haven't thought about because I haven't experienced them personally. But overall, I wouldn't have been able to get through this stressful time without my family supporting me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even calling friends to vent or taking time away to do nothing but rest helped me deal with situations made much more complex and stressful due to Covid. I wish you all the best in your schooling and work, and hopefully these times will better prepare us for the future of nursing ahead of us.

Tags: Family support, Managing stress, Nature, Respite, Self-care

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Comments (1)

Hi Julia:

Thanks for joining our conversation. I'm glad to hear you had the support you needed to get through that! Is there anything the school or your instructors did or could have done to help?

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