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November 30th, 2020


Talking to my fellow co-workers, nurses, respiratory therapists, patients and their families about how they are managing their daily struggles, not only gives me strength, but also gives me a renewed gratitude for my own struggles. Which often seem so insignificant when compared to others.

We all can find ways to help each other during this time, by being flexible and understanding of others.

I am managing my stress by spending more time with my family and grandchildren. I have also picked up a new hobby of knitting hats for our NICU, which seems to help with my stress level. I also try to make sure to get outside for daily walks.

As far as my integrity and values are concerned, they have never waivered, it is who I am and who I have been for 26 years of nursing.

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Comments (1)

Hi Karen:

Thanks for joining our conversation.

I love that your integrity has never waivered! Tell us more about that. Can you share a time when you faced an ethical challenge and how you met it with integrity? I think others might gain strength from your experience.

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