December 18th, 2020

Counting My Blessings

It's tough to stay resilient and I have moments where I just can't stand the monotony of telework and living now in what feels like a goldfish bowl. Then I think about all the nurses on the front lines in hospitals and listen to their stories.

One young nurse told me how emotionally painful it is to care for patients who come in with what initially appear to be more mild COVID symptoms. They smile and chat with her, not realizing the worst is yet to come. A short time later, these same patients are put on ventilators. While she cares for them, she gets to know who they are, their personal stories. She holds their hands and stays with them because family can't be there, and she is the last face they see before they die.

I'm lucky to have a goldfish bowl in which I feel relatively safe and protected. I'm grateful to have a job that allows me to work from home. I have not suffered the economic stress that so many others have. I'm introverted and have a life of the mind, so I can keep myself engaged intellectually. And I have a wonderful family living with me that I love and who provide great emotional support.

When I'm feeling down, I remember all these things and that's what keeps me going.

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Comments (1)

Comments (1)

Hi Laura:

Thanks for joining our conversation. I love your description of life now as "living in a goldfish bowl." That is so apt!

Do you have a formal "gratitude" practice -- writing down 3 things each day for which you are grateful, for example -- or is your approach more informal?

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