December 2nd, 2020


I find that understanding my purpose, knowing my 'why', and having a positive mindset is a great way to manage stress and anxiety. Practicing self-care, I make conscious choices and choose how to best channel my energy.

I choose to channel my energy in a positive way. I find it helpful to stay away from Facebook, and social media. I choose to turn off broadcast media. I choose to be immersed in nature which helps me focus and changes my perspective, allowing me to remain positive.

For me, it comes down to the choices I make. Choices and consequences. For every choice, there is a consequence, and I have to be prepared to deal with the consequences, good or bad. My grandchildren keep me grounded and inspire me to view the world through a different lens allowing me to focus on what really matters.

Tags: Nature, Purpose/Meaning, Self-care

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Comments (1)

Hi Jaime:

Thanks for joining our conversation.

Is there a way to help others "choose" to be positive? Do you have ideas about how to do that?

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