March 24th, 2021

Challenges and opportunities in times of pandemic

Yes, I agree. Covid-19 pandemic cut short our practicum and clinical experience. My med-surg clinical rotation was mid-way when suspended. Next semester clinicals were really short around 4 to 6 wks. instead of semester long. Classes went virtual, no longer we had the leisure of having a unlimited communication time with our instructors and classmates. Motivation that was derived from seeing my classmates studying in library was gone.

Listening to the stories and news of frontline health workers bravely fighting the pandemic, made me question my self, should I just be within the four walls of my house and be safe or Should I go out and be the one among those brave frontline health workers. At that time pandemic was just beginning and amount of knowledge available about prevention was less and sense of fear was way too high as Covid-19 kept spreading.

After seeing two of my family members recovering from Covid-19 , I finally decided to jump in by joining a urgent care and doing around 200 covid test per day. Working for around 6 months with Urgent Care gave me confidence that I can fight against the pandemic and also gave me a lot of clinical skills that were needed.

Finally I got a chance to work as student nurse extern as a part of COVID response from Montgomery County. I got selected by a hospital as a student nurse extern as a part of the program and as a result I got an opportunity work with nurses that were part of the frontline action. Deciding to go out and work, provided me with opportunities to learn clinical skills sooner, in compare to pre-pandemic time. Best part was, I could tell my self " I stood up to the challenge."

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Comments (1)

Hi Palkesh:
Thanks for joining our conversation and sharing your experience. And thanks for being one of the frontline workers!

Is there anything more you wish your instructors or the school would have done to support you in your studies or as a Covid worker?

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