December 2nd, 2020

CAPT Belsito

The ability to work remotely and still contribute to our mission which is to Protect, Promote and Advance the Health of our Nation. This has been an unprecedented year and our response to the Pandemic is ongoing.

My daily challenges are the fact that sometimes it feels like groundhog day. Being an athlete I make sure I get outside everyday, walk, ride a bike, work in garden. Exercise and strength training has always been my outlet for stress management, and during this year, my ability to help others with providing a safe space to train, has been life changing for many.

My resilience comes from my past life experiences, and also helping those with bigger problems than I could ever have imagined. I volunteer time to train wounded warriors and their resilience makes me realize I have nothing to complain about. My wife, family, training partners, wounded warriors and friends keep me grounded.

In doing the strength training, it has helped me to find my WHY in life. I know I was put here on this earth, for something bigger than me. I chose Nursing and have loved every minute of my 40 yr. career. I also have a degree in Health Education. I love to teach, and have many families coming to me to help their teenagers through these difficult times. We train, we teach the importance of good nutrition, sleep, exercise, hydration, stress management. We also do this for the Wounded warriors. We are a life line, we are a support community for so many and I feel blessed to be in this position where as a Nurse we are the most trusted profession.

Now more than ever I feel my calling and there is no place I would rather be. Serving my Nation, my fellow DoD veterans, and active duty, and more importantly helping our kids have an outlet of exercise as a healthy choice. It teaches life lessons, how to fail and get back up, and also gives them a sense of self-confidence they may not have had when they walk in the door the first time.

We can and do make a difference in lives we touch one person at a time. Please stay safe, wash your hands, practice social distancing and wear the mask. In strength, LJ

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Comments (1)

HI Ljuca:

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. What advice do you have for new nurses who don't have your life experience to sustain them now? How can they develop the resilience they need and find joy in their work?

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