January 5th, 2021


A coworker said to me the other day "...pretty soon we are all just going to snap."

Nurses who have been at the bedside for less than a year are feeing burnt out. Working here is so challenging - mentally, physically, and emotionally. But we continue to work overtime so our patients can be safe and our coworkers aren't left hanging. But how long can we sustain this?

It is hard to not bring the emotions from work back home. Our traditional ways of coping and caring for ourselves aren't feasible when we can't leave the house and we are too tired to get out of bed on our days off.

What keeps me going is the feeling of obligation of doing right for my patients and my team. Having such a great team of nurses, providers, techs, RTs, etc. makes this whole thing bearable. I stay grounded by the strong teamwork of my coworkers, the connections I have with family, and practicing mindfulness and yoga. I always come back to my personal values and why I am in this profession - to heal.

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Comments (1)

Hi Caitlin:

Thanks for joining our conversation and for your service.

I agree that yoga is the key to self-care. Hang in there.

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