December 3rd, 2020

Assitant Professor

The face-to-face classes that I taught in 2019 shifted quickly to synchronous online courses. I have spent time learning to foster engagement and interaction with my students. This seems to be working somewhat. I strive to improve the learning environment as I learn more about the platform and the tools that are available for us. I have met the challenges through teaching myself about online teaching and the support of my colleagues as we adapt to these new challenges.

I manage stress by keeping a work schedule similar to what I had before I moved to a home office. I have set up a modified home office, shut off the computer at the end of the day to create a transition from work to home so to speak. The most stressful part of working from home is the leaking of work into 24 hour time. Since my neighbor and I are both working from home now, we walk our dogs every day (we had been walking on the weekends). Now that it is dark, we have pup lights for the dogs and headlights for us. It is helpful to have someone to vent to who is not in the profession. We help each other that way and it has been a source of support for both of us. I live with my dog and have no immediate family so having my neighbor as part of my "pod" has kept me from the cliff of deep depression.
The University is fostering connections in many creative ways that also help with the loneliness. I miss the face to face with my colleagues and my friends but we find ways to keep connected as best we can. Adapting is what I do. I have also taken up several hobbies: I have my own sourdough starter and make bread about every other week and play with discard recipes for pancakes, pasta, and pizza dough. I am also teaching myself to crochet again.
My dog is happy to have me at home all the time now!! Lots of treats and walks. I am teaching her puzzles and games which keeps me grounded for sure.
The standing desk was the best thing I added to my home office.
The hardest part of Covid is not having a clinical practice right now. When the quarantine started I was furloughed from my nurse practitioner job. I miss my patients. I hope I will be able to get back in 2021.

Tags: A great team, Communication, Nursing colleagues, Self-care

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Comments (1)

Hi Claire:

Thanks for joining our conversation and sharing your approach to pandemic life. I could take some lessons from you (especially that bit about turning off the computer at the end of the work day)!

What advice do you have for others (like me) who haven't yet figured out how NOT to let work turn into a 24-hour-day thing?

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