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December 8th, 2020

Assistant Nurse Manager

Prior to my nursing career I was an infantry Marine--it was during this time of challenges, where I learned to rely heavily on the values of the Marine Corps and my personal values. My values have always been my azimuth and heading, of where to go--especially when reality sets in. Under the façade of life can be a very impressive scaffold, which if built properly can lend a robust and strong framework, but not exactly pretty. Our values are what keep us going and headed in the right direction--despite the façade being removed during times of struggle. Having said that, there is certainly an ebb and flow of emotional entanglement. To build my resiliency, I try to reflect on what I am feeling and discuss with peers what we are feelings and what we can control. While there is so much out of our control, when we identify what we can control--rooted in our values--we can move forward despite the challenge, while evoking a positive outlook and strong deliberate maneuvering.

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Comments (1)

Hi Brad:

Thanks for joining our conversation. Can you tell us more about the interactions with your team? How do you start those conversations about feelings?

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