March 3rd, 2021

As a student...

I think the time I take to do daily reflection has been the most prominent move that has helped me through the pandemic. I take time every night to decompress and release some of the load. As a nurse this will be particularly helpful because we bring a lot home with us after a shift. But the blurring of work and home life creates a larger environment of anxiety. I've seen the same thing happen during the pandemic as out work areas and home areas have merged. But by taking time to myself every night, I am able separate my home life and work life better, reducing some of that anxiety

Tags: Burnout

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Comments (1)

Hi Armaity:

Thanks for joining our conversation. Have you always done a daily reflection? Or is that a new practice you developed during the pandemic? If so, how did you develop that practice? Is it something that your fellow students could learn to do?

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